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15 Top Free YouTube Downloaders Free

15 Top Free YouTube Downloaders Free

15 Top Free YouTube Downloaders Free – Do you want to find top YouTube video downloaders? If so, this article is for you. Read the article till the end and find out top video download software for YouTube.  

Best YouTube Video Downloaders

  1. KeepVid

With this app, you can download YouTube videos in MP4 format. Also, you can download a full playlist with this app.  You can also download videos from other popular websites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Dailymotion videos using this downloader. 

  1. Videoder

Videoder is available for both windows and android devices. It is a free video downloading software. The good thing about this software is that you can download YouTube videos as well as videos from other websites as well.  You can also create a personal collection of your favorite audio and video through this software. 

  1. TubeMate

TubeMate is a well- known and high- rated YouTube video downloader on play store. It is a standard video downloader for both MP4 and 4GP formats. Audio formats are also supported by TubeMate software. 

Also, TubeMate has its own video player with unlimited search opportunities for videos and download them. You can also create your own search history and playlist with TubeMate. 

  1. y2mate

y2mate is also a YouTube video downloader and MP4 converter software. You can download videos in different resolutions either 144p or 1080p. You can also use this software as a video or MP4 converter. Download the audio file and convert it to video and you don’t need to install any additional video converter file.

There is a specific box on the home page for links in this software. Simply, search the video you want to download and copy the link and paste it on the box. Then click start for further procedure. 

  1. Airy

Airy YouTube video downloader is an updated software. You can convert your videos in ultra HD with this software. You can also convert your videos in other formats too. For example- 





Download this app from either MAC, OS or Windows. It supports all the browsers names including-

  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Opera
  • Safari
  • Chrome

You have to download and install the software before using it and you can also save your videos and download them later. That means you can create a saved playlist of your favorite videos with Airy. 

6.     Snaptube

Next, we have Snaptube in our list. This is another popular YouTube video downloader and only available for Android phones. You have to download the APK version because the Google Play version is not available right now. 

This tool supports different resolutions for video download. Some of them are-

  • MP3
  • MP4
  • M4A

 You can download YouTube videos as well as videos from 50 different sites as well. 

7.     4K Video Downloader

This is another software for downloading YouTube videos. You cab also download videos from Facebook, Twitter, Vimeo and other apps with 4K Video Downloader. 

You can also download a full channel of videos or full playlist with this app. It is available for both Windows and Android phones. 

8.     Gihosoft You Tube Downloader

Gihosoft is a video downloader as well as it is useful for converting videos, data recovery and file encryption. It is a standard video downloading software available for Mac and Windows. 

There are two separate versions of this software. One is paid version and another one is free version with ads. Obviously, you will be able to access and enjoy more facilities with the paid version. 

Gihosoft will allow you to convert your videos in other different formats. There are 4 different formats that support Gihosoft software. They are-

  • AVI
  • MP4
  • MKV
  • MOV

Other features of this Gihosoft software are-

  • Subtitles adding
  • Converting videos
  • Provide license and technical support

9.  YTOFFLINE YouTube Downloader

Here is another popular software that comes for downloading YouTube videos. Nowadays, downloading YouTube videos directly is unavailable for most of the channels. YouTube does this because of copyright law. But YouTube video downloading apps will be helpful here to solve this problem. YTOFFLINE is that kind of software. 

For using this software download and install it to your PC and then copy your favorite video link and paste it within the box and then click Go. Now, scroll down and click on the download button and then save it. 

YTOFFLINE is a 100% trustworthy and legal software with SSL encryption. So, your IP will not be blocked. So, don’t worry about it. 

10.  YT Cutter

If you don’t need full video but some specific parts of it, use YT cutter software and download the specific parts from a video. This software is very helpful for video assignments, making projects and short videos. 

There are many free apps available in Google Play Store with which you can cut or trim videos. But I guess it will save your time if you can download exactly that specific part you need. You can download videos in GIF format too with YT Cutter.  

11.  VideoProc

Video Proc is a YouTube video downloading tool available for both Android and iPhone. It is also available for iMac and Windows. You can download both MP3 and Mp4 files with this software. 

It is actually free software. But a pro version is also introduced with more features for this app. You can download videos from other websites too. 

In addition, VideoProc also allows you to merge, crop, cut, rotate your videos. That means, along with video downloader, VideoProc is a video merge and editor too. But you can’t do complex editing and add graphics to your video with this app. 

12.  VidMate

VidMate is a fast video downloading app designed for android. It is also very popular among users. VidMate is very useful for downloading and editing short videos. 

You can download YouTube videos with this app too. 200 other platforms are also supported with this app. 

13. ClipGrab

ClipGrab is a friendly YouTube video downloader. It is also available for Windows as with Android phones. You can download videos from YouTube, Vimeo and Facebook with this app too. 

14.  iTubeGo YouTube Downloader

iTubeGo is an exclusive video downloader app that works as a YouTube video downloader too. You can easily download music and videos with this app.

It also works as a multiple downloader and MP3 converter too. You can convert your downloaded videos to audio or MP3 versions with this app. You don’t need a separate MP3 or audio converter if you have this app. 

15.  Softorino YouTube Converter 2

Yes, this app works as a YouTube video downloader and video format converter too. You can download videos from other platforms too with this app. 

Is Downloading YouTube Videos Legal?

It is a very common question among users. The answer is no. According to new rules of YouTube, they are not allowed to download videos because it increases copyright content and duplicate videos. So, whether you want to upload others videos and use others music, voice or song, you have to give them proper credit with details in the description box.

One user can download YouTube videos legally from his or her own channel. This rule is introduced to protect the owner’s ownership, privacy in the platform. 

About Video Converter 

You can add effects and convert videos through video converters. It also provides you excellent format support. It also works as a video editor. There are many YouTube video downloading apps which also work as video converters for different formats. 

Difference between Online YouTube video downloading apps and desktop apps

There are many apps through which you can download YouTube videos online. They are good enough if you have less space on your desktop. Because you don’t need to give extra space for that software and their operations. 

But they have disadvantages too. The thing is if you have poor internet connection then your video may slowly download. Also, online downloaders do not support all the formats manually. Also, you can download one video at a time and there is no editing and video converter option available here. Most of them do not support 360 rotation, filter and editing options. 

On the other hand, desktop apps allow you to download videos and save them on your device. Also, you can play them later without an internet connection. Thus, the speed will not be slower and electricity problems or internet connection problems will not affect your work. 

You can also edit through desktop video downloading apps, add filters and subtitles too. Cut, rotate, merge is also allowed here. Convert videos to MP3 and other versions are also allowed. You just need to free up your desktop space for that. But if your device has a problem, your files and videos may be deleted or removed. 

How to Download YouTube Videos Using Online Apps?

For downloading YouTube videos online, copy and paste the link in the required box first. Then click download and select the format for that. Then save the video in your playlist and enjoy videos offline. You can download videos using any browser you want.

Download YouTube Videos in MP4 Format

When you are downloading YouTube videos, there is always an option called format. Choose MP4 there. Although there are many apps where format is previously selected. There are apps for MP4 video download only. 

The Bottom Line

That’s all about top YouTube video downloaders. Which downloader do you like to use? Let us know in the comment section. Thank you

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