Awad Ansi Resident of Yemen

Awad Ansi Resident of Yemen

Aswad Ansi Resident of Yemen – was a resident of Yemen. He was the leader of his group. Therefore, his wealth and manpower was not less. He declared that he had a close connection with the spiritual world. Revelation is sent down to him. Through these proclamations he made a considerable impact on the minds of the people;

Then he openly declared rebellion against Islam and with the help of Rasulullah drove Ajit ruler from the country. He then invaded the province of Paranjaran and took possession of it. The Yemeni capital, Sanaa, also came under his control. Not only that, he killed Shah Ine Bajan, the ruler of Sana, and married his buffalo.

Thus Yemen. And Southern Arabia came in the palm of his hand. Then the Hijri ten years. When this news reached the Messenger of Allah in Madinah, he immediately sent Mu’adh ibn Jabal and a number of other servants against Aswad. Finally, one night, a close relative of the slain Yemeni ruler entered Awad’s bedroom and killed him.

This incident took place 2/1 days before the death of Rasulullah. But when the news reached Medina, Rasulullah died and Hazrat Abu Bakr was elected Caliph. But when the news of Rasulullah’s death reached Yemen, the moderate rebellion flared up again. Although Aswad was killed, his loyal fans raised his flag anew.

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