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Awareness To Travel Too Far Or Long Drive

Awareness to travel too far

Awareness To Travel Too Far Or Long Drive – To travel too far, you always have to be careful not to suddenly get into a car or make any noise. So in this situation, whether all parts like car tyres, tubes, brake gears, etc. are okay; You have to take a closer look at it.

Adequate amount of fuel oil or gas should be filled in the tank. To travel a long way, you have to keep a lot of small necessities in the car. This is because if the car gets damaged on the way, or something goes wrong for some reason, the roof should be ready to be repaired. So you have to store knowledge about these parts well. You should also know very well what kota works. On the one hand, just as you want food and drink for the driver to travel far away, you want to prepare the car to reach a certain goal.
This time, there is a description of what goods the driver has to take to get the car out on the far path. Remember that none of this is less effective for the distance. Now we take a look at what needs to be taken in the car to travel far and wide.

  1. In addition to filling tank fuel oil on the way to the distance, it is five litres. At least two or three tins of oil should be kept with you. Because oil pumps on the way. It is not possible to know how far it will fall.
  2. A bowl of Distilled Water must be kept. If the battery is low on water, it has to be filled.
  3. At least two litres of mobil oil should be filled in the engine.
  4. One tin of brake oil should be kept extra.
  5. Half to one pound of grease should be kept with you.
  6. One litre of C. Oil should be kept with you.
  7. I want grease gum to use grease. It is also a duty to carry it.
  8. Two extra light bulbs should be kept with them – so don’t be in danger if a bulb fuses along the way.
  9. Oil cans or oil cups – which require oil to be pressed, should be kept in the stork.
  10. Die has to be kept with you.
  11. Pressure gauge or pressure measuring device should be kept with it.
  12. There is often an application of a shaveor or a large fu. So a set of spyas. At the same time it should be kept.
    Sku khela machine set in range or spanner. It has a system of different shapes of stu bowlers. They must remain. Shaped spanners have to be kept in your car account. Different types of spanners are offered to open parts of petrol and diesel powered devices.
  13. Sometimes the air on the wheel decreases. But no service stations nearby can be found. In this situation, it is difficult to fill the air. So it is important to keep a pumpmachine or inflator with it.
  14. One or two hammers should be kept with you. This hammer will be sloping on one side and narrow on the other and divided into two parts. Such hammers are used for machinery purposes.
  15. A plus has to be kept with you. With plus, it can be paired, cut, and sold. So it’s especially prayajan. Moreover, it can pull the stupa or its pull.
  16. One or two chhat-big crew drivers should be kept with them.
  17. A ja must be kept with you in the car. This allows the front or rear of the vehicle or when the prayajan is lifted slightly above the ground and repaired. It contains three long rods, which are wrapped around the liver.
  18. A tyre liver must be kept with it. This enables the tyre to be removed or applied. It’s, of course, a must to open or climb a tire rim. It is in a flat leaf yam. He has a part to bend with him.
  19. A few pieces of shaved wood should be kept – they are useful for a lot of purpose. To raise the car, you need wood in pieces.
  20. You have to carry a comb with you.
  21. A plug spanner should be kept for plug khala or atkana.
  22. A wheel should be kept with spanner. This allows you to open or artka various nut-bolts of the tyre. No matter what size of the sat-big nut-ballu hake, it will go to the ditch and the atkana.
  23. Keep some French chalk. It is an accident to repair tyres.
  24. Some raw juice should be kept with it.
  25. A few candles or a spirit lamp should be kept to heat.
  26. It’s better to keep some rope with it – it’s only 10-12 yards.
  27. It is a duty to carry a first aid box.
  28. It is very good to keep a rubber pipe with it.
  29. It is definitely a duty to keep extra money there. If it’s not good to keep 2
    At least 1 good wheel has to be kept in the car.
  30. Carry a small bucket, two or three tin bowls and a little torn cloth
    It should.

You should not go out for a long journey without taking these objects along. In addition, the driver has to have general knowledge about car repairs. This time the driver is being asked about ways to repair the car in the middle of the road if needed suddenly. It’s called Emergency repair.

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