Caring for the elderly in charge of the Junior

Caring for the elderly in charge of the Junior 

Caring for the elderly in charge of the Junior – Professor Dr. Shubhagat Chowdhury Former Principal, Chittagong Medical College Dean, Faculty of Medicine.

“My hair is tangled, I look at him as much as the boys and old men in the neighborhood, everyone knows my peers.”

This is how the poet saw old age in a moment. This is the normal outcome of life. There is pride in accepting it. It is the duty of oneself and society to look at it positively. In the world, the old lakes or murubbira are according to the banyan tree. What Shaiva and what Maya in this tree. This primitive tree of rural Bengal is compared to the oldest lake in the world. In the words of Rabindranath. ‘Shatek shakes arms, cuddles with the wind, sways in joy, filled with deep love. In our family, old parents are such a banyan tree. Today, after the separation of the joint family, many have lost that safe haven. When I work in Billet, I have seen very old people in many institutions and hospitals in the department, all the work is going well but there is no rule in the corner. The presence of that banyan tree motivates everyone to work in peace. Nowadays in our world such an old man or a simple uncle is only a few in the world. Many deprive themselves of the touch of their experience and wisdom. In order to bring back the value in the society, it seems to be very important today to follow the path of respect for the elder Laik in the family and his ideals and advice.

Old means a piece of roof. Huge sky on the head Brothers or fathers or mothers can become more than elders, friends often give them the opportunity to find Nishchintipur.

International Aging Day is celebrated in the country. One of my requests is to respect your elderly parents, grandparents and other elderly people. Give them time. Understand their needs. Talk to them. The heritage of our society should not be lost. Older people should not think that aging is a matter of subjugation. No. As if they don’t think of getting old, a time of many sorrows and pains. I saw that many older people live alone. The day goes by. The evening passed and the night passed. Two eyes cannot be one. As if the petals of the eyes are wet and exhausted at the thought.

According to a study, by 2050, one in every 11 people in the world will be over 65 years of age.

As I have seen in many countries, senior citizens have different honors, different status and priorities. But I say with a sad heart, we have not been able to establish that policy in our society. Everyone has a responsibility to take care of older people. And the need for that is to help them. The theme for International Aging Day in October last year was to help all older people in the world stay well. Although the Kovid epidemic has increased the death rate among the elderly in many countries, including Europe and America, the number of the elderly has not decreased much. According to a survey, by 2050, 1 in 11 people will have passed 85. Answer: Men live elsewhere for their livelihood. And maybe the older people in the house have a weak body and depression and poor health.

The biggest problem in old age is loneliness. Loneliness has consumed them even more during the Covid period. He has the disease of old age. So they wear masks, are not allowed to go out of the house and the doctor shows them if they have any symptoms. And for all these things, I want the surveillance of others in the house. If you have a chronic illness, I want a checkup. If you have a cold, cough, chest pressure, shortness of breath, you must take Covid test and doctor’s advice. For this, the phone of the nearest hospital clinic, helpline, contact with their communication officers, all these will be done by others in the house. And measures need to be taken to keep their minds well. It is very important to sit with them, talk to them, and know their needs. In the end, the thought of an irresponsible life can lead to emotional turmoil. If they think, I’m on the cancellation team. Then the burden of their grief will increase. If a situation can be created in which leisure life will be spent happily, then the mind will be better.

‘When Amal Dhabal Saale takes the evil sweet wind

Then it is as if the lifeboat is in great joy. World census experts say the world’s population will reach 900 billion by 2050. And half of it will be senior citizens. Half of it will be villagers. Older people are more likely to be angry and less likely to get angry. That risk is even greater when they have chronic anger in their corner.

Not just the body, but the health of the mind is at risk. And depression is the biggest problem. Not only sound education but his alertness and dedication too are most required. Diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, arthritis, osteoporosis, prostate, cancer, hapani, COPD or may be urinary incontinence, so the doctor will keep in mind that if you have a rage and other diseases.

Chest pain, feeling of pressure, sweating may be the symptoms of a heart attack. Again, it is not impossible to have a heart attack without all the symptoms. Sudden onset of heart attack or stroke in adults.

 Sudden incoherent speech, abnormal behavior. Electrolyte imbalance is among them many times. Urinary tract infections can occur. In other words, it is very possible for them to have minor health problems that suddenly become complicated.

What kind of intelligence problems do you have when you are older? This can lead to dementia, Alzheimer’s, and Parkinson’s disease. Stroke or dementia but self-control decreases. And that’s why Him Hub can be magic. In this situation, the cursed words of the people of the world bring sadness in their minds. I want to stay well for the theory of balanced diet and exercise. The brain stays young when there is walking and breathing and creative mental work. That’s why I want to take care of the system.

7% of the elderly in Bangladesh have one or more children outside. In other words, their opinion is less than that of their parents.

Depression is the companion of the elderly. This problem is acute during lockdown. Staying alone at home. Socially isolated. The granddaughter is not being taken in her arms. Walking to the market in the morning, hanging out with friends, walking in the park; This is not happening. Meanwhile, only scary news on television. They are not so used to computers, WhatsApp, Facebook. So? How can the mind be better? From home, the elders are taught techniques to increase social interaction. If you have grandchildren away, you can talk to them in video chat. You can talk with boys and girls, with friends. And not listening to the news on television all the time. You will watch and listen to the song of the day. It is better to spend some time in the garden. Why not tukutaka work at home! If you have a hobby, do hobby work. Played musical instruments. Embroidered. Draw pictures. You can spend time writing or reading books. Again, it is not right to look at depression lightly. Loneliness, financial hardship, helplessness, depression can be due to the pressure of society. Meritorious boy did not do well in exams, business recession, deprivation at work, unavailability in personal life, family unrest, children do not become human; Such causes include depression, exhaustion and even suicide attempts. Therefore, the relatives will inquire about them and give them comfort. We can keep their minds occupied with other things. Not being lazy keeps the mind at work. Doing daily chores at home, tending a little garden, having breakfast together with husband and wife, or feeding when birds fly; It keeps the mind happy in these activities. You can start a relationship with old friends. Cook if you have a cooking habit. Again, depression does not mean depression. Staying upset for two weeks in a row, doing things that used to be good

Laga, feeling upset most of the day, not being able to sleep or being overwhelmed, loss of appetite, feeling responsible for everything, keeping oneself wrapped up; All such symptoms are depression. 20% of adults suffer from depression. Loneliness, helplessness, anxiety, panic, all bring exhaustion. However, the risk of both body and mind is higher.

So relatives need to be taken care of. The supply of medicines should be fine. There will be pulse oximeter, glucometer, weight measuring machine, blood pressure measuring machine, temperature measuring machine. Emergency helpline number, doctor’s number, ambulance, covid test number will be useful. Must have a telemedicine number. Morning Evening Walking, Jaegson, Breathing Exercises, Stretching, 211; Do these regularly. And if you have chronic disease, you have to do it.

The period of youth, the reminiscence of old age; Instead, it is as if old age is sub-division. Each age has its own joy. Older people should get it. As Rabindranath said, ‘At the end of youth comes a deep calm intensely beautiful age like the white enemy. At the end of life, it is time for fruit to ripen and grains to ripen.

We are looking forward to such a beautiful and beautiful old age.

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