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Eyedropper & Paint Bucket Tools 

Eyedropper & Paint Bucket Tools 

Eyedropper & Paint Bucket Tools – From a part of the image, a particular color can be selected as Foreground/Background color through a Eyedropper tool. Clicking with the Eyedropper tool anywhere in the image will convert the Foreground color to that color. Clicking on the image with Eyedropper tool with ALT + Windows Key Or Option (MAC OS) selects Background color. 

Clicking with Paint Bucket Tools on any selected or unsealed part of the image fills the current Foreground with color. Pressing ALT key while Paint Bucket Tools is selected will convert Paint Bucket Tool to Eyedropper tool for a period of time. In this case, any color can be taken by clicking anywhere in the image. The work that is done by selecting a part of the image and giving Fill color can be easily done with the Magic Wand tool. Magic Wand tool option can set Tolerance to set area. Fill by Pattern instead of color with Paint Bucket Tool 

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