Footpath in Bangladesh: Advantages and Disadvantages

Footpath in Bangladesh: Advantages and Disadvantages

Footpath in Bangladesh: Advantages and Disadvantages – Day by day the population of Bangladesh is increasing .As a result the density of population is also daunting. Large cities like Dhaka, Chittagong are getting deeper day by day. For the transportation of this huge amount of people, our system is not providing enough ways to the public. Problems like the absence of a comprehensive, affordable and efficient transportation system are encouraging people to walk to their work or go home. Data shows us that almost 20% of primary trips are made on food in Dhaka City Corporation and 40% in the Dhaka Metropolitan area. 

Walking on the footpaths is indeed very friendly for health as well as time saving. As too much traffic in Dhaka city causes a lot of problems. Also, pedestrians suggest walking for a healthy life. So walking is a smart option for either way. This might help you to avoid many health problems. So, a footpath is a great option for those who are time sensitive and health conscious in one word, who leads a very well controlled life.

On the other hand, footpaths at the same time work as ant- pedestrian because the gathering might be harmful for many people. And as these are the places for many kinds of informal economic activities, the places become unhygienic most of the time. Many people make footpaths their own place by arranging tea stalls, cloth stores or street food vehicles. Moreover, some of the footpaths cause more problems other than to help the public walk. Sometimes there are dangerous open drains connected with the footpaths which cause disturbance to the passers by especially those who are disabled or arthraitis patients. They often suffer to pass the footpaths easily. So, most of the time, footpaths are not healthy for most of the people. 

So, for making proper benefits of these footpaths, the authority should establish a national footpath policy. The policy should be one road one footpath policy. There should be footpaths in all areas- from the metropolis to the small towns. The design should be implemented properly by the government. Proper attention and focus should be given on this matter. 

Both public health and middle -class economy should be in mind during the design process. Creating a proper footpath policy is very important for efficient, pedestrian-friendly, people oriented, carbon restricted, business friendly, attractive to investors, and less reliant on motor vehicles.      

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