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Health Insurances

Health Insurances – In the developed countries of the world nowadays a type of insurance called health insurance has been introduced. ‘Health is the root of happiness’ – this saying is old but true forever. Healthy health is on the one hand a source of such physical happiness. On the other hand, it is also a way to earn regular money, so when health is bad, the source of physical and financial happiness of the people is destroyed. Mental turmoil increases and eventually leads to family turmoil. Nowadays, as a result of the development and research of science, new life-saving medicines are discovered and as a result of very delicate and complex surgeries, many chronic diseases of human beings can be removed and the dying rage can be saved. However, this sophisticated medical procedure is expensive. So many people do not have the ability to take this opportunity. That is why this health insurance has been introduced in every country.
In health insurance, if the insured is ill or ill, the insurance company arranges appropriate treatment and bears all the expenses of the insured until he recovers.

Therefore, the insurance company provides the necessary treatment and facilities in case the health of the insured deteriorates or becomes angry with this insurance. As a result, the insured does not have to rush to many doctors, vaidyas and kabirajs and does not have to spend his own money on purchasing medicines. Like other insurances, this insurance has to pay a certain premium for these benefits. The money from this premium is used by the insurance company to cover the cost of medicines, doctors and hospitals.

This type of insurance does not cover the insured as a claim. In case of anger only the insured is paid for the cost of recovery of anger and health. The insurance policy states what kind of anger or what kind of illness you need to take the help of the insurance company. Usually the help of insurance company is needed for the treatment of complex, important and expensive rage. Praying for the help of insurance company for common ailments like cold, cough, fever etc. is undesirable.
In our country, through the efforts of Dr. Zafar Ullah Chowdhury, health insurance has been introduced at the ‘Public Health Center’ at Bamnabari, twenty-three miles from the capital Dhaka. The amount of this health insurance premium is two rupees per family per month. In return for this money, medical and other facilities are provided to all the people of Bamnabari Public Health Project. Prior to the introduction of this insurance, Dr. Chowdhury, the director of the project, conducted a survey in the area.

The survey found that ninety percent of the people in the area are able to pay two rupees a month. There are 40,000 families in this area. It has been calculated that if this insurance could be introduced in 75% of the households, the annual income would be around Rs. 6 lakhs. With that money the expenses of all the people of the project can be met.

If this plan of Dr. Chowdhury can be introduced on a national basis, then the annual income will be 30 crore rupees. But the annual expenditure in the health sector in Bangladesh is only twelve crore rupees. If this insurance plan is implemented with the full cooperation of the government, then the common people of Bangladesh are not getting proper treatment – maybe such complaints will not go away.

Social insurance Other types of life insurance have been shown to compensate for certain uncertainties in life. Individuals are insured to do so. But there are also some uncertainties in human life caused by the evil effects of the social structure for which the individual suffers without his own fault. For example, along with industrial development, industrial workers face difficulties such as illness, ill health, financial insecurity for the elderly, accidents in factories, unemployment during business downturns, and the possibility of getting angry in a polluted environment. That is why the state should provide social security for similar remoteness.

The success of the effective implementation of such a plan requires a certain proportion of premiums to be collected from all concerned, such as workers, employers and the state, and such plans are usually run by the state as a welfare effort rather than a private insurance plan. , England is one of the leading capitalist countries in the field of social insurance. Unemployment and health insurance have been provided since 1911 with the passage of the British National Insurance Act.

At present in that country there is a system of social insurance for people of all ages and occupations in the state. The benefits that are usually offered through this type of insurance are family allowance, orphan allowance, sickness and unemployment allowance, training allowance, retirement pension, self-employed beneficiaries in case of illness and other benefits related to different groups and aspects of life.

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