Imam Abu Bakr (R) at the Nawabi Mosque

Imam Abu Bakr (R) at the Nawabi Mosque

What a great fortune, Abu Bakr (R) not only led the Prophet in the mosque 16 times during his lifetime, but also got the opportunity to stand in front of the Prophet himself. Such fate is not only rare, it is absolutely unthinkable. When the call for Jumma was heard on Friday, the sick Prophet fell on the shoulders of the two
With great difficulty he joined the congregation in the mosque.

Then the prayer has just begun. Abu Bakr (R) seemed to understand that the Prophet himself had appeared. When he was about to leave the place of Imamate, the Prophet instructed him to lead the prayer. And sat down beside him and prayed.

Today, by leading the prayers of the Holy Prophet, Abu Bakr’s renunciation in the service of Islam, his determination throughout his life, everything seemed to be fulfilled in an instant. Therefore, Abu Bakr (R) is the full representative of the whole human race, the unique Imam who has the rare honor of the Islamic world. This Imamate of Abu Bakr (R) in the absence of the Holy Prophet and now is a far-reaching indication for the future of the first caliphate.

So today, among all the others, the superiority of Abu Bakr (R) did not wait for any proof for the future. It was undoubtedly in the eyes of the Prophet that he would be the first Imam and the first Caliph of Islam, whom he had replaced in different places during his lifetime.

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