Judiciary of Abu Bakr (R)

Judiciary of Abu Bakr (R)

Judiciary of Abu Bakr (R) – Hazrat Omar has been the Chief Justice since the time of the Prophet. He remained in the same position during the time of Abu Bakr. The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) not only made Omar the chief judge, but he was so impressed with his judgment. The trial of Hazrat Omar is a proverb in the history of the world.

As a judge, he executed his father and only son, Abu Sama, with his own hands. In this world everyone is mortal, everyone is dead and everyone will die. But the judgment of Hazrat Omar, the proverbial judge of this world, will never die, which has gained eternal immortality in the mortal world. This time we will see a trial like that of Khalifa Abu Bakr (R).

The caliph loved his daughter Ayesha very much. He let Ayesha run away from his 22 date palms while he was alive. But at the end of his life, he called Ayesha and said, Once Bibi Fatema, the beloved daughter of Muhanbi, submitted an application to Khalifa Abu Bakr (R), her father: Fideq, the garden is junk, Deva Haik. Many thought that the caliph would protect the request of the daughter of the Prophet.

But the caliph, quoting his own father (ie, the hadith of the Holy Prophet), replied without delay: “Prophets or messengers have no heirs – whatever they have is theirs, their ummah deserves it.” And in her womb a son was born to her, but Omar divorced her in the wilderness.

The father Omar took the boy in his arms and brought him home. When the grandmother of the child came to pick up the child, the grandmother complained to the caliph that Omar had not given her. Omar obeyed his instructions. The baby then went back to the mother’s lap. So in the era of Khelafaye Rashedin, there was no farce in the name of ‘justice’.

King, king, fakir, sati-sadhvi, prostitute, rich-poor, educated. There was no difference of judgment between the uneducated, the master-slave, the self-possessed, the relative-non-relative, the noble-insignificant, etc. So even today in the world-society, these two little words of Qazi’s judgment have adorned the seat of eternal honor!

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