Loving and kind Abu Bakar (R)

Loving and kind Abu Bakar (R)

Loving and kind Abu Bakar (R) – Abu Bakr (R) was born affectionate and kind. His tender heart touched everything from human beings to animals. The love of children and boys and girls was his innate nature. Poor people, helpless people, orphan boys and girls, everyone should know that Abu Bakar (R) is their refuge.

Being a very tender heart, he could not hold back the tears while reciting the Holy Sacrifice. Helping the neighbors in various ways was the traditional way of life. There was no work in his life that he hated, just as he did.

Even the life of the caliphate, despite the lack of time, could not completely stop all this work. Many lives have been saved by his grace. Many were in need of his kindness and affection.

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