Mask when inevitable

Mask when inevitable

At the time of writing, the Gaeta world is in the hands of a microscopic creature. The name of this small creature is SARSER ENCV-2 or CARANAVIRUS. The number of infected and dying due to the poisonous virus of this virus is increasing worldwide. The world did not understand that the second wave would start in a terrible way from the beginning of April. In particular, the situation in Bangladesh has become worse than before. The death procession is getting heavy, the hospitals are not getting crowded. Although Kareena’s vaccination program started earlier this year, it has not yet become public in our country. This is the second wave of racism in this state of the nation, so medical scientists

In Macabella, resistance is more important than cure. Everywhere you look today, the tide of protectionist sentiment is flowing. The face of a man wearing a ski, indicating the widespread use of masks in various countries as a strategy to prevent infection. In this regard, the name of China comes first. Almost all the people in the country have been thinking about this since the spread of the carnivirus. They have made protection an integral part of their daily lives. The spread of a tiny organism according to the virus. Although there is disagreement among experts on the usefulness of the mask, everyone agrees that there is no alternative to using the mask to prevent hand-to-mouth infections. Apart from that, the main source of microbial infection is Droplet (Droplet is the tiny droplet that comes out of the mouth when an infected person sneezes, coughs or speaks) and if there is any virus in it, it enters the human body through the mouth and nose. So don’t do it by wearing a mask properly. This mask prevents Droplet from entering our body.

Why wear a mask?

Today we know the object that we call surgical mask, its movement started in the eighteenth century. But it was not until the Spanish epidemic of 1917 that the mask reached the masses. The epidemic killed over 50 million people worldwide. The idea is that at that time, if the use of masks was popular, it would be possible to reduce the mortality rate to a great extent. This is because the FU virus usually infects the nose, mouth and eyes, which can be protected by a mask.

Dr. of St. George’s University of London. David Carrington was quoted by the BBC as saying that most viruses are airborne and cannot filter air properly because surgical masks are loose in nature. Without it, the use of this mask leaves the eyes open. However, this mask helps to reduce the risk of viral infections from sneezing or coughing, and also protects against hand-to-mouth infections. Repeatedly touching the nose, ears and mouth when a person has a coin defect. According to a 2016 study, a person touches the nose and mouth with their hands an average of 23 times per hour.

 This is why this part of the body is most at risk of infection. In this case, the use of masks in accordance with hygiene rules greatly reduces the risk of infection.

 Mask protection for all

 Currently the World Health Organization (WHO) and the US Center for Disease Control. Everyone should wear a mask according to CDC guidelines. Especially. According to Bangladesh, in a more populous country, where the number of new rages and deaths is increasing by leaps and bounds every day and where for various reasons it is not possible to fully comply with social distance and lockdown, everyone must use a mask as a primary protection.

Not wearing a mask increases the health risks

All organizations have declared the wearing of masks as an important preventive measure against rabies. In a recent circular, the Bangladesh government has imposed a jail-penalty for going to public gatherings without a mask. So everyone should wear a healthy mask and be aware of resisting anger.

Don’t forget to wear complex masks.

Older people and those with chronic heart, kidney and liver disease, diabetes, stroke and cancer, and those who receive regular dialysis or chemotherapy. It is very important to wear a mask. Because most of these rages have low immune resistance, they are easily infected with any contagious disease. For this they have to wear masks for more protection.

The healthiest way to use a mask

In the recent Covid-19 situation, changes in people’s way of life, habits and personal behavior have become inevitable. In addition to the clothes worn during outdoor activities, now everyone has to think about masks, gloves, goggles, sanitizer and personal protective equipment. However, the use of hand sanitizers and gloves is much easier, the problem with the use of masks. Due to the lack of knowledge of its usage and conservation rules, it is often the opposite. For this, the mask must be used in accordance with the proper rules.

What is the correct rule to use a mask to reduce the risk?

1, wearing a mask, playing or holding before and after at least 20 seconds with soap Hands should be washed.

2. The part of the mask that comes in contact with our face, we should refrain from touching it and we should wash our hands whenever we touch the outer part.

3. Since carnivirus is mainly spread through sneezing and coughing, you must cover your nose and mouth when wearing a mask and do not take it off your face at all.

4. It is often seen that even if the mask is taken out later, it is always taken off or put under the nose and mouth while talking to others. It is nothing but idleness. One thing to keep in mind is that if you wear a mask, you can’t wear it unnecessarily. Not at all in front of people.

5. Wearing a mask once before leaving the house should not be worn before returning home. This may be the most difficult thing to do, but it is very important. If you want to open it privately, open it in such a way that it touches the front or inside of the mask.

. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), when the inside of the mask becomes too wet to breathe, the mask needs to be changed and stored in a paper packet to dry and re-use after two to three days. If you have a cloth mask, return home carefully and dip it in soapy water for 5-10 minutes. If you have a disposable mask, leave it in a separate bin at home (but it should be discarded so that no one else can use it).

. Absolutely, the mask gives more protection than covering the nose and mouth from not using the mask at all. As well as hand washing, maintaining a safe distance – these rules must be followed.

Things to do carefully while wearing a mask:

Masks should not be worn during exercise, jogging, running or any other physical exercise. However, care must be taken that the distance from you to others is at least 6 feet. The matter should be taken care of during sports, training, practice. This is because the body needs a lot of oxygen due to the pressure on the lungs during physical exercise. Having a root mask obstructs the flow of air into the lungs, creating unwanted health risks. According to doctors, if you have asthma or heart problems, it is absolutely inappropriate to exercise after wearing a mask.

Masks are more risky for whom

The US Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has warned against wearing masks in certain cases.

> Children under the age of two who have breathing problems.

> Anger for chronic bronchitis (be careful if you wear a mask due to the situation).

> Unconscious or unconscious person.

> Elderly people at home but unable to wear and open masks without the help of others

Wearing a mask is dangerous in many cases.

Finally, many of the citizens who have so far refrained from wearing masks think that they may have been able to evade the law enforcement agencies. But the fact of the matter is, the person who is not wearing a mask at the moment of this disaster is putting himself and the people around him at risk. Instead of making a profit. There is no doubt that Lexan’s pallai is getting heavier. So let’s use masks in a healthy way, come forward to protect the health of ourselves and everyone in the family.

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