One of Two – The Migration of Rasulullah

One of two

One of two – This is an unforgettable day in the life of Hazrat and in the history of Islam – the migration of Rasulullah. The name of Hazrat Abu Bakr is forever associated with this important event. The evil Quraysh are determined to kill Rasulullah.

The visionary Rasulullah was the first to send his disciples to Medina one by one. Only young Ali and Abubakar are with him. After guarding the house all night, in the morning, when the Quraysh assassins entered the house of Rasulullah and found Ali lying on the ground without seeing Muhammad, they became enraged.

No one knew at what moment Rasulullah left the house unnoticed at night. Within moments, he had gone to Abu Bakr’s house without wasting time, and had taken refuge in a cave in Mount Saur, three miles away. Meanwhile, the miscreants of Cyrus got angry and left Ali and raided Abu Bakr’s house.

When they did not find Hazrat Muhammad or Abu Bakr there, their doubts deepened.

They called Abu Bakr’s daughter Asma and asked, “Tell me, where is your father?” The wise virgin Asma replied, I do not know. The miscreants slapped Asma on the cheek and hurried towards Medina and after a while they reached the mountain of Saur.

After searching around, they decided to enter the cave, but seeing a huge spider web intact at the mouth of the cave, he stopped trying. But in that cave, Hazrat Muhammad and Abu Bakr took refuge a little while ago. The Cyrus-thugs returned disappointed.

There is one thing to note here as well. Coming to the mouth of the cave, Hazrat Abu Bakr was the first to enter the unknown, dark cave. He did not allow the first Prophet Muhammad to enter the cave for fear of harm to the Prophet. He told her to wait in the cave

He himself entered first and after seeing everything himself he took Rasulullah inside.

If you think a little, you will understand that Hazrat Abu Bakr did not show deep self-sacrifice and strong morale for the truth. He did not think of old parents, wife, son, daughter, property, house. Leaving everything in the face of the enemy, he went to save the Messenger of God. His life was in danger,

The life of the family is in danger, but that is secondary.

The Prophet must protect him. This was his only meditation, his only goal. There is a saying that

While the weary Prophet was asleep in the cave, Hazrat Abu Bakr kept the Prophet free from danger by stepping into the pit of two snakes. Can such great sacrifice and glory fail? God has given him an eternal reward for his sincerity and love for this radiant messenger.

Allah Ta’ala points to this cave of that day and says in the Qur’an, “Surely He helped him when the unbelievers drove him out.” Then he (Abu Bakr) was inside the cave.

He was the second of the two. (9:40) They hid in this mountain-cave for three days. According to the previous plan, Abubakar’s servant used to go to ‘Saur’ mountain every day to graze goats.

When the goat-herd went to the front of the hill-cave, Abubakar did something through it

He used to collect goat’s milk. Abu Bakr’s daughter Asma also used to send bread, dates and other food items from home to Rasulullah and his father every evening. In this way their lives are saved.

On the fourth day, Abu Bakr cleverly brought a camel from his house and in the darkness of the night, two friends rode on that camel and proceeded towards Medina by secret route. Abu Bakr had only five thousand dirhams. By doing business he had saved forty thousand dirhams so far. Thirty-five thousand of them had already been spent on helping the afflicted, the afflicted and the oppressed.

 He took the remaining five thousand with him for the same purpose. Endangering their lives, they proceeded along the shores of Laheit Sagar. 270 miles from Mecca to Medina. This long journey was started by two friends on a camel. During the day they hide in a secluded place, and before nightfall they move forward

Thus, after a few days, after overcoming all the obstacles of the path, when Rasulullah and Abu Bakr along with some of the companions of the path came to the village called Koba on the outskirts of Medina at this bright afternoon, innumerable people came. Everyone’s face lit up with the glory of success. Many villagers were mistaken for Hazrat Abu Bakr as Hazrat Muhammad (pbuh).

They never saw the Messenger of Allah with their own eyes. Abubakar misunderstood this

Pere immediately became anxious for its revision. Everyone is sheltered under a tree

Was taking. The bright rays of the sun were falling on the face of Rasulullah as the branches were falling on the tree. Noticing this, Abu Bakr picked up a palm branch and began to cast a shadow over Rasulullah.

Then everyone understood who was the prophet and who was the ummah.

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