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Risk to life and property

Risk to life and property

By winning the struggle against the adversity of the environment, mankind started the days of the future. This uninterrupted stream of struggle and pursuit is becoming human history. People one day inaugurated civilization by learning to light fires. However, people have to be constantly alert in the face of thousands of adversities. “Man is building and God is breaking” – man is familiar with the introduction of this principle.

The multifaceted scientific advances of the twentieth century have accomplished many impossible things. Science has taken people out of caves and into Chad. Above all, it has made human life comfortable, comfortable and largely safe. But man has not been able to overcome death and prevent accidents and natural disasters. So it is still seen that at any moment the only earning member of the family dies leaving the whole family in financial distress;

Many precious buildings were burnt down in horrific fires in the corners, ships and goods were destroyed in the deep sea; Many people lose their limbs in accidents in metro, railways and factories and according to cyclones, people become proletarians due to natural disasters. Thus the history of the struggle of mankind has not only carried the message of victory, thousands of obstacles still stand in front of us as mountain evidence.

This uncertainty and helplessness of human life has become the subject of poets and philosophers throughout the ages. From birth to the end of life, people have to live and work in uncertainty. Even the most cautious person cannot avoid this uncertainty in life. Reviewing the history of human beings from the earliest times of creation to the present day, it is seen that just as there was no security in the corners of human life or property in the past, there is not much security in life and property even today.

In an accident at any time, a person can lose everything, even his precious life. However, there are different types of accidental damage according to the amount. For example, if a person loses a small pencil, it does not matter, but if a person’s only residence or warehouse is burnt in a fire or a merchant ship sinks in the sea, then this person is likely to become destitute due to this huge financial loss. Stays. This reality of loss is irreversible and this magnitude of loss every year is touching. Other than that, it is completely uncertain when, where and on whom it is based.

Over the past two centuries, with the industrialization of different countries, in the more complex social situation, “people’s lives and property are becoming more and more insecure. Premature death, earthquake, flood, burglary, hijacking, robbery, rage, accident, fire, cyclone, gooey, unemployment, dishonesty, negligence, etc. If it is done, it will become a huge number. Therefore, acknowledging the reality of all these risks, it is advisable to make all-out and well-planned efforts to avoid or reduce them and it is the responsibility of the present progressive society to avoid the destruction and loss of human beings arising from such risks.

According to philosophers, everything in the world is governed by rules. Fate has no place in their thinking. Events that seem completely unexpected can be predicted. Accidents happen because of the overall incapacity of people. People do not know all the prerequisites or rules of this relationship, so any special event seems to them to be a coincidence. In this sense, the mere emergence of something beyond the preconceptions arising from the immaturity of human knowledge. It is not marked as a part of the normal motion of the external nature.

However, due to the incompleteness of knowledge about nature, people face uncertainty step by step and the question of risk arises only when there is uncertainty. In other words, uncertainty is a risk and this uncertainty is an adjunct to human life. Man has come up with ways to increase his knowledge of nature and to control that power as well as to prevent risks. But still as long as there is uncertainty in human life As long as there is, the insecurity of the people will not be removed.

These security or risk-free people have a basic desire and their search for it for many days. Through various experiments, people have come up with various ways to reduce the above risks.

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