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The first habit of driving

The first habit of driving

Sit in the driver’s seat and hold the steering wheel with both hands. Then keep an eye out. To the front. We have to see if there are any obstacles in front. Then press the clutch pedal with the left foot and bring the gear lever with the left hand from neutral to fast gear.

The horn should be given twice before starting. The reason is that if anyone around them would be careful, they would understand that the car was about to start. Moreover, one has to look through the side mirror to see if anyone is coming from the vicinity or from behind. And then take out the right hand and shake it once or twice to warn. It is best to keep these habits in mind before driving.

Now hold the steering wheel well and release the clutch pedal and press the accelerator pedal a little bit. It can be seen that the car is moving little by little. Just as much pressure should be applied to the accelerator pedal. As much speed as needed. Then you have to drive on the left side of the road holding the steering wheel properly. When the car is moving at a speed of 20/25 miles, you have to press the clutch pedal, slow down a bit and release the pedal. Then neutralize the gear and give the second gear. Then with a little pressure on the accelerator, the car will continue to run faster and better. The steering wheel has to be held quite well.

If you want to stop driving the first car without the third gear, the second gear is the rhythm of driving. If it is abandoned like this for some time, it will run in third gear. This abandonment is always very heavy in the third gear of the empty road which should be done in top gear. It is less in danger. Because, then there are less people or vehicles on the road.

It should be kept in mind that the first 2/3 months of driving education should not run at a speed of more than 25/30 miles. As long as the steering is not well practiced and controlled, it must be driven at this speed. Moreover, you should not drive too fast until you get into the habit of changing gears quickly.

The rules of gear shifting are being said this time. To get into the habit of doing these early

1. First the clutch pedal must be pressed;

2. Then light pressure should be applied to the accelerator.

3. The gear must be kept neutral. Leave the clutch pedal and immediately press it again.

4. Seeing the working capacity of the accelerator, you have to put pressure on it. Then you have to give fast gear.

5. If the gear is given, you have to leave the clutch and drive with pressure on the accelerator.

. If the car is running, the pressure on the accelerator should be stopped.

. If you want to change gears, you have to reduce the speed by pressing the clutch and make the gears neutral. Then give the second gear.

. If you want to give third gear, you have to follow the same rules. Never change gears with clutch pressure.

9. If the car is moving in top gear, if there is any bump in the road or the road is jammed, then the gear should be down and if necessary, be ready to brake. If the car crosses that place, the speed has to be increased again.

Gear change and gear down is a habit that can be done quickly. Have to. If you want to learn these, you have to learn the radar signal or the various directions of the path. This issue has been discussed in detail later. The next chapter discusses the various roads and obstacles and how to drive carefully there.

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