The masters of Bara Pir Sahib

The masters of Bara Pir Sahib

In Islam, there are two main types of knowledge that are given more importance, namely, Shari’ah in knowledge and knowledge in knowledge. Qur’an, Tafsir, Hadith, Fiqh, etc. are included in the Qur’an in the Qur’an and the knowledge of knowledge or spiritual theory is a completely separate science as the essence of the law.

 Hazrat Bara Pir Sahib first acquired deep knowledge in Ilm Shariat, then devoted himself to learning Ilm Marefat. After a long period of hard work and great suffering, he acquired immense knowledge in both these types of knowledge, so that he later became one of the best scholars of the time.

The masters from whom he received education and initiation in various subjects were all the leading educators in Baghdad at that time, that is, in the Islamic world. Whenever he heard from anyone that such and such a scholar had more knowledge about such and such a subject, he would immediately accept his discipleship and stay close to him for some time, plundering his store of knowledge and filling his store of knowledge.

In this way, there was no highly educated scholar in Baghdad at that time from whom he did not derive knowledge. Below are the names of some of his masters.

Masters of Hadith teaching

1. Abu Ghalib Muhammad Ibn Hasan Al Baklani

2. Abu Sa’id Muhammad bin Abdul Karim bin Haybash

3. Abu Ganayem Muhammad ibn Ali Maymun al-Qayshi

4. Abu Bakr Ahmad Ibn Al Muzaffar

5. Abu Muhammad Zafar bin Ahmad bin Al Husain

. Abu Taher Abdur Rahman Ibn Ahmad

. Hebatullah Ibn Al Mubarak

. Abu Nasr Muhammad

1. Abu Inas Ismail Ibn Al Muhammad Al Isfahani

10. Abul Qasim Ibn Ahmad Ibn Banas Al-Farfi

11. And Shukur Abdur Rahman Al Qajaz

12. Abul Barakat Talha Al Akuni

13. Abu Abdullah Yahya Awlad Al Banna

From the list of names of the masters mentioned, one can understand how deeply he acquired knowledge of Hadith.

Masters of Tafsir Shastra

Among the well-known commentators to whom Hazrat Bara Pir Sahib studied Tafsir, the following four are one of them, viz.

(1) Hazrat Qazi Abu Saeed Mubarak Ibn Ali Makhrumi

(2) Hazrat Abdul Wafi Ali Ibn Aqeel Hambli

(3) Hazrat Abul Hasan Muhammad Ibn Qazi

(4) Hazrat Abul Khattab Mahfuz Hambli.

He studied literature, philosophy and grammar under the following well-known masters, viz.

(1) Abu Tamim Surakhi Ibn Ahmad Surakhi

(2) Abu Ishaq Jamil Ibn Mannaf

(3) Abu Zakaria Ibn Yah – Ya Tabrezi

(8) Abul Khair Hammad Ibn Muslim.

Not only did Hazrat Bara Pir Sahib teach Hadith and Tafsir to all these great scholars, but he also spent a long time in their company and carefully reflected the invaluable ideals of their great character in his life. In the company of these privileged scholars, on the one hand, he completely removed from his heart satanic traits such as anger, cruelty, envy, arrogance, pride, hypocrisy, deceit, deception, etc. On the other hand, he filled his heart with the virtues of love for Allah and His Messenger, fear of God, dependence on Allah, contentment with Allah’s will, patience, humility, humility, kindness, generosity, compassion, etc.

Master of knowledge

Hazrat Bara Pir was introduced to a sherbet seller in Baghdad, his name was Sheikh Hammad. He was a famous Sufi theorist of the time, Sufi and Kamel Oli. Within a short time, sincere contacts were established with Sheikh Hammad and Hazrat Bara Pir Heb. Hazrat Sheikh Hamad (RA) got the real identity of Hazrat Bara Pir Sahib and continued to love him very much. Gradually he became a master of knowledge in the knowledge of Hazrat Bara Pir Sahib.

Hazrat Sheikh Hammad (RA) was a man of very hard heart and harsh nature. In spite of seeing Hazrat Bara Pir Sahib with great affection, he used to treat him from time to time in such a harsh manner that it was not possible for anyone else to endure and maintain a relationship with him. But Hazrat Bara Pir Sahib Amlan would bear it with his heart and silence. Because, he knew that such rigidity of his masters was essential for correcting all the defects of his character.

Hazrat Sheikh Abu Saeed Mubarak Ibn Ali Ibn Husain Makhzumi (R) was another famous scholar and Kamel Oli among the best scholars of Baghdad at that time. Hazrat Bara Pir Sahib became his disciple. He remained in the service of this great man for a long time and acquired the knowledge of Tariqat and was able to ascend to the highest peak of the theory of knowledge. Pir Sahib also considered this disciple of his as the greatest of all his other disciples and students and gave him kherka. The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) gave this gift to Hazrat Ali (ra) and it was passed down to Hazrat Sheikh Abu Saeed (ra). Hazrat Bara Pir Sahib attained perfection in Britain after wearing this kherka and his status increased manifold in the whole of Baghdad.

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