The social system of Abu Bakr (R)

The social system of Abu Bakr (R)

The social system of Abu Bakr (R) – I have learned about the social system of Arabia before the Prophet. In the biography of the Prophet. In a word, it was the age of darkness and the great prophet. In a word, the society that we notice in Arabia after passing away. The era of disaster. Abu Bakr (R) accepted the post of caliph with this social disaster in mind. His caliphate lasted only two years.

This is a little. Is there any comparison in the history of the world in which he brought to the shores of the bipartisan Arab society with the help of his ability, wisdom, foresight and mentality? The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) brought the whole Arab

from the deep darkness to the dawn.

And Abu Bakr (R) brought that enlightened, lost, lost society from chaos to chains again, from misguidance. As the father of the nation, he showed the nation again on the path of social version. Our Abu Bakr (R), one of the social reformers of the world, is the one who brought the nation-breaking insanity to the path of the nation which became insane again after the Prophet.

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