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Weather effects on driving

Weather effects on driving

Weather effects on driving– There is a huge impact of different types of weather on motor driving. Sun, water, rain, fog should be known what can happen during the lord’s time and how to drive at this time. These natural disturbances often cause fatal accidents. So first of all, one should know that if nature turns away i.e. storms, rain, etc., the car will never drive too fast. Driving slowly in this condition. 

The Sun

The sun is another danger to driving. If the heat of the sun is low, there is not much fear, but if the sun is too high, then there is much uneasiness. 

First, the pitch melts in the extra sun, especially during the pitch. This makes it difficult to drive.

Secondly, in the scorching sun, the body gets tired and the head becomes hot. As a result, it becomes almost impossible to drive carefully. If the peace and comfort of the mind is not right, there are many difficulties while driving.  

When it is bright and sunny, it is reflected in the front windskin – it shines. This makes it very difficult to drive. If the sun falls curved, it is reflected in the car next door and falls on top of this car – which also makes it difficult to drive. If the sun and heat are high, it sometimes damages the vehicle and burns more petrol when it is cooled down. Moreover, it is not strange to lose the engine.  


When it rains while driving, it makes it difficult to drive in many ways. This is why skilled and careful drivers drive very carefully when it starts raining very hard. 

When the rain descends, the glass in front of the car falls and it becomes blurry. Having a wiper in the car is convenient in this situation. But if the wiper is bad, you should stop driving in this situation. The second thing is the condition of the road. When it rains, the heat gets wet. Then the tires and roads of the car do not rub properly.  Even if you brake, you can’t stand a car. Because the wheel slips on the wet path.  So it’s a duty to drive slowly when it rains. 

The third thing is that when the rain descends, the rastha is performed.  As soon as the path goes on, mud and water splashes on both sides of the road. We have to see to it that the mud does not knock on a pedestrian. Again, if the water freezes on the way due to excessive rain, then when a foot of water accumulates in another danger, the water starts flowing under the car while it is moving – then the car stops. 


Fog can pose a deadly danger to driving. It is normal for accidents to occur when the fog is high, the side, rear or front car is not well noticed. So if there is fog, you have to drive around the horn all the time. 

Water also accumulates in the glass in front of the fog. So if the wiper of the car is not right, it becomes dangerous to drive in this condition. When the fog is too high, the surface of the road gets wet – which also makes it difficult to walk. You should not drive in pairs. 

Always drive slowly while in fog, surrounded to the left of the road. No smoy should try overtaking. It can cause misery at any moment. You must drive with a very focused mind when the well is too high. 


It is normal for any accident to occur when there is a strong wind or storm. The storm covered dust and sand, so the path does not look good. At this time, you have to drive carefully. Sometimes trees can collapse in storms. It’s not impossible for anything to fly. If there is a very strong storm from the side, sometimes the car will be overturned. So at this time you have to drive very slowly and with a good eye all around. 


Snow, of course, does not occur in all places except in the mountainous regions. In many parts of the country, it snows in winter, so it is difficult to drive. More difficulty in snow than in fog. So you have to be very careful. 

It is better not to drive in the snow. If possible, one should put a car into one’s house or shelter and rest at this time. In many big cities abroad, when it snows too much, everyone puts their cars in a safe place. These roads are covered with snow. It’s really dangerous to drive over him then. Especially if snow falls on high-low mountain roads, the danger is even greater. In this situation, if the car has to be driven alone, it has to be driven very slowly and honked frequently so that the other car is careful. 

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